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It will never cease to be. As deadly as it is, it's intriguing. Watching a fire burn, seeing the flames rise and fall almost as to a ballet, delivers the observer to a world of fantasy, an illusion of escape. All rise to the contradiction. Life and death. Beauty and the beast. Cigarettes. Chipper smokes. Outside the streets are empty aside from a few kerb crawlers and spent beauty queens. Chipper watches. The waitress comes over and refills his cup. Thanks. She smiles and turns to walk back to her boredom. Stop. Look back. Are you OK? Chipper strains a smile. Yeah, I'm OK. She trots back to the counter. He's not OK, but small talk wouldn't really help. It's not like he can explain his evening away. 'Are you OK?' is usually an empty question. Polite nothingness. Nothing can do anything for Chipper now. Everything that makes a day can't compete with the mind. Thoughts disrupt everything. Friends. Every day, every year, they come and go. Faces for places. No matter how hard you try buy youtube views they eventually disappear into the well of yesterday. Phone calls, letters, or chance meetings become less. Time takes everyone to their own cells, some alone, some as parents, some happy, some sad. Human evolution. Sometimes the road to survival is blunt, hard-faced, and selective. Don't let people get close then you won't have to ponder loss. Solitude is always with the individual anyway. Pillow thoughts arise once more. Life does throw up youtube one crucial choice though. On the one hand, accept life for what it is, be happy go lucky, don't see beyond what there is or assess reason, deliberate, or ask the question 'why'? On the other hand, become a deep thinker. Let thoughts concerning 'how' and 'what for' take control. Once the choice yahoo is made buy youtube views there can be no going back. The deep thinker becomes lost in the self-perpetuating matrix of existence, unable to accept and always needing to challenge. The drifter. The loner. Some try to march with the majority but inside remain the same. Chipper is now the loner. He has lived more than most in the past few months, yet has now found buy youtube views himself reduced to road-kill on the crumbling highway to nowhere. There's no going back and he knows it. His powerful friendship with Jimmy, his compassion for Jimmy, challenged him to tonight. Help a friend in need, even if that means committing a robbery and a murder amounting to the betrayal of the one person who you love? Chipper's ed it up. Now all he wants is sleep. Tomorrow can be nothing he expects. Snap. Orchid sits on the stained couch. Jimmy comes from the kitchen youtube with two cups of coffee, hands one to her and sits opposite. His father lies sprawled out and dead where he last drew breath. Orchid's grandma lies dead in the backseat of the car. We have buy youtube views to get rid of the bodies. Jimmy exclaims. I'm not just dumping my grandma. Would you rather try and explain this? Jimmy looks at her. Where then? Orchid brings the car round to the steps leading up to Jimmy's apartment. She gets out and opens the passenger and pulls the seat forward. Jimmy backs out of the front door dragging his father. Orchid rushes over to help him. They force him onto the backseat of buy youtube views the car, on top of Orchid's grandma. Jimmy pushes the seat back into place. Orchid looks at the two corpses, I'd rather he doesn't lie on her. You want me to tell him or you going to? We could have